6 mistakes that can be avoided while playing a game of rummy

Indian rummy is one of the most popular and most played rummy game around the world, especially in India. It is a game of dedication for which a lot of efforts need to be put up. No matter what the game is a certain amount of etiquettes need to be followed by all.  Any player is prone to commit some sort of mistake while playing the game. Given the fact that it requires a lot of attention to play here are some common mistakes that one can be avoided easily and not end up losing the game or make other players feel discomfort.

External disturbances

Having a lot of external disturbances during a game can affect both you and your opponent’s gameplay. Avoiding loud music during the game can create a calm mentality so that you can concentrate more on the game. Avoiding food and drinks can also help you in dropping into the mood of the game and completely concentrate. One disadvantage of having such disturbance is that when you play Indian rummy online it might consume a lot of time to play. If possible avoid such distractions.

Chatting while playing

Most players prefer to concentrate on their game play while playing rummy. Even though chatting features are available in thegame butis not advisable to strike up a conversation while a game is in progress. One has to respect the privacy of other players when playing such games online and refrain from them if possible.

Game drops

You should always evaluate the possibilities of the game ahead once you are dealt with the cards. Start by arranging them to form various possible sets and or sequences. This will give you an idea if you can have a game. If there are no combinations possible it’s recommended that you drop out of the game. There is nothing in simply pursuing when the chances are less apart from you losing badly.

Chasing a loss

Pursuing a loss is a risky task when you have had a streak of losses. Many players are affected by this kind of distraction knowingly or unknowingly. Chasing after aloss can be a huge risk unless you are prepared for it. If done unprepared then you will only lose heavily again and again. At times it can turn the tide and you might be on a winning streak with some effort.

Unconnected card groups

Always try to not form groups of unconnected cards. For one this will only lead you to a defeat unless you can find some connections in the first few moves. If there is not a single connecting card consider discarding them by forming a separate set with them. There is no point in holding onto them as it would only make you lose badly.

Value middle cards

Middle cards hold great possibilities in a game of Indian rummy.Apart from the fact that they can be used to form sets or sequences they help you reduce the points even if you lose the game. Cards like 5, 6 and 7 should not be discarded easily as an opponent can use them to finish their set. Discard them only if not needed and with care by assessing the game correctly.

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