How People Are Paying For Their Instagram Success

Throughout history there have always been people who are hungry for success and willing to do whatever they can in order to get it. This desire for success has become even bigger since the dawn of social media and there are many people throughout the world who are actually paying out of their own pocket, in order to get the success which they crave.

It is worth noting that whilst some of the people who do this, can enjoy the trappings that this fame will give them, most of them do it for no other reason than for vanity and for popularity. We live in a world where this is perfectly acceptable, and why not, if you have the money and you crave fame, what better way to get it! Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which people are creating the illusion of fame, to find just that.

Girls and Guns

Ever since the increased popularity of social media star and poker mastermind Dan Bilzerian, there have followed a wide number of men on Instagram who are looking to post photos of themselves with half-naked girls and high powered guns. In truth, even Bilzerian himself confesses that the girls are on the payroll and they turn up to just about any event which he organizes. Guns and girls seems like a perfect combination for any alpha male and many Instagrammers are investing hard to make their dreams a reality.

Likes and Follows

Not everyone is spending crazy money on their illusion and many people prefer to invest in followers and automatic Instagram likes in order to boost their profiles. This is actually a pretty smart idea from a business perspective as it really gets the ball rolling in terms of engagement on content. Not all simulation is ostentatious.


It has recently emerged that many of the Instagrammers who post pictures of themselves on their ‘private planes’ are actually doing something slightly different. A company which operates throughout both the US and Europe has come up with a novel idea for preventing waste, and social media hounds are getting in on the action. These private plane companies will take their real clients from point A to point B, before returning to their base, in order to avoid heading back empty they will offer low priced tickets for the return leg, perfect for the would-be rich social media star. The look works well and these people have gained a great amount of fame, even if they arrive at a destination they didn’t want to go to in order to gain it.


Most of the profiles which you find with young guys and girls straddling Lamborghini’s and Bugatti’s are sadly not the young and wealthy of the world, but more the young renters of the world and these people will actually go to the lengths of renting these supercars for an hour at a time, to get that perfect shot.

We love nothing more than seeing the finer things in life and for as long as we do, there will be someone doing all that they can to proved us with them.

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