How to Access the Location History on iPhone

Instructions to Access the Location History on iPhone


On the off chance that you didn’t have the foggiest idea, iOS tracks and stores numerous areas that you have gone by. It can likewise pinpoint the definite areas on a guide. On the off chance that you need to recollect where you’ve been, this can be something to be thankful for to have. You simply need to empower your iOS gadget’s Location Services first.

Enabling Location Service

Go to Settings. From your iPhone home screen, search for the application with the rigging symbol named Settings. Tap on it to dispatch Settings.

Select “Privacy.” From the Settings menu, look down until you see “Privacy” option. Click on it to dispatch the Privacy menu.

Empower Location Services. At the highest point of the Privacy menu, you may view the “Location Services” option. Click on it to flip amongst on and off.

  • Leave this choice on in the event that you need Location Services empowered.
  • Location Services use GPS alongside the accessible Wi-Fi systems and cell towers to decide your rough area.


Seeing Service Location History

Go to System Services. From the Location Services menu, look down until you discover “Framework Services.” Tap on it to dispatch the System Services menu.

Pick “Frequent Locations” service. From the System Services menu, look down until you find “Frequent Locations” option. Click on it to flip amongst on and off.



ios location services

  • This capacity permits the iPhone to take in the spots you habitually visit. iOS utilizes this information to give you area based administrations and data.
  • Leave this on to permit iOS to store your successive areas.


View history. At the base of the Frequent Locations menu is an area for History. Under this segment, you can discover the zones you’ve gone by that iOS could track and store.

View a territory. From the rundown of ranges, tap on a region to view particular areas you’ve gone by inside the region. You will be given a guide demonstrating the areas you’ve gone to.

View the quantity of visits. Click on an area to zoom into that specific region from the ranges highlighted on the guide. The quantity of visits, together with the relating dates and times, will be recorded at the base.

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