How to Unlock Secret Emoticon Keyboard on your iPhone

You most likely didn’t know that there is secret keyword console hidden in your own iPhone having more than hundred emoticons which is simply known as emojis. The console can be effectively added to any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and holds an entire arrangement of little pictures.

The new console is found by heading into the Settings application. There, pick General, then Keyboard, pick Keyboards and select Add New Keyboard.

After a couple of taps in your phones’ Settings option you will have the capacity to open a keyboard which contains a number of cute, charming emojis. These emojis are small in size but contains deep meaning inside.

Unlock emoji keyboard for iPhone Devices



In case you’re hoping to give an innovative touch to your instant messages — or switch things up beyond boring emoticons — look no more distant than the JK (Japanese Kana) keyboard console. Here we have included some facts about how to get these secret emoticons keyboard on your iPhone’s. Take a look:

Steps of getting secret emoticon keyboard

Step 1:- Hold your iPhone and open Settings option.

Step 2:- Once you have opened Setting, go to General.

Step 3:- Afterward find the Add New Keyboard option.

Step 4:- Now you are at the right place. Once you have gone through the Add New Keyboard find Japanese.

Step 5:- After Japanese, select the Kana.

If you have completed all above process then you’ll need to tap the globe symbol on your current keyboard console and choose the Japanese images that sit just to one side of the emoji classes. After that, tap the little emoticon face set to one side of the microphone symbol. To walk-through on the most proficient method to get to the console, read all the given information carefully.

So move on, set your emoticons free. Regardless of the fact that it’s not your thing, at any rate now you can impress your friends by division a list relatively few individuals know. Once that is all done, the console ought to be empowered in any application that you utilize the console. (On the off chance that you don’t have the emoji console and might want it, it’s empowered similarly as above, however you pick emoji where you chose Japanese.)

See Video to get easy How to unlock Secret Emoticon Keyboard on your iPhone

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