How to Hide Unwanted Apps on Your iPhone

Want to hide iPhone apps, have you get rid of so stock applications in your iPhone that may be messing up your phone screen? This new trick shows the process of how to do that at least for a while.

The iPhone accompanies with several exciting range of applications that are stuck on the iPhone, and can’t be erased like others. While some are vital to the phone — like the Phone application itself — others like Stocks are less all around respected. Apart from that if you have nosey kids in your home and some naughty friends then its necessary to keep eyes on so that they can’t delete them from your phone.

But this new trick demonstrates how you can conceal those unused stock applications with only a quick trap utilizing a few envelopes.

How to Hide Apps on iPhone



Here’s our beginning screen. Ensure you have a full page of applications and a full dock.

Get how to hide apps in iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone SE

To hide iPhone 6 apps or group of applications, first you have to make a folder with the applications you wish to cover up or hide. Put a name you like of the folder, here we will name this folder Folder 1 to make it easy. We will take an example of hiding Starbuks and Facebook applications, yet you may use this process in hiding any of applications you like that can be put in a folder, including those annoying stock applications that can’t be deleted.

Now make another folder in Folder 1, which we’ll know as Folder 2.

When you have Folder 1 settled, you should expel the applications you set in Folder 2, leaving just Folder 1 inside Folder 2. You ought to now have what has all the earmarks of being a clear envelope on your home screen. You ought to now have one open space on your Home screen, however we have to fill that, so drag any arbitrary application you have into that spot.

Go to the Folder 2 and highlight Folder 1 so you can move it. Pull Folder 1 out of Folder 2 and down into the dock region. This will bring about Folder 2 to vanish following a second, and when it releases, Folder 1 in the dock. Rather than finding another home on your screen it will vanish totally. We have now concealed the Facebook and Starbucks applications.

You won’t discover them anyplace, on any screen or inside any envelope. However, regardless you have full access to them by means of the iOS seek highlight. Touch the center of your home screen and draw down, uncovering the search bar. Sort for the sake of the concealed application you wish to utilize and you’ll see it’s still there and can be utilized simply like ordinary.

Watch the video that shows how to hide apps in iPhone Devices:

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