How to See If Your Emails Are Being Tracked

You won’t understand it, but rather there are currently email following apparatuses which make it simple for individuals to see when you open an email, what you click, and where you’re found.

Mail Tracking 


Emails show up the same to your contacts; however you get information how, when and where a contact associates with your message. These email tracking service for Gmail intended for advertisers, job seekers, sponsors, and those working in PR.

Fortunately, there’s a convenient tool known as Ugly Email which shows you when your messages in Gmail are being followed or tracked, and it also works ahead of you tap anything. By installing Ugly mail tracking tools, you’ll find a small little eye image alongside any email that is being followed by devices.

You may not be knowing of the organizations which know practically knows everything identified with your email exercises such as when you’ve opened email sent by one of their customers, where you are found, what gadget you’re utilizing, what join you click, all without your assent, regardless of the possibility that you haven’t click any connection given in that email.

Email Tracking System


There are some companies track email for the most part by adding little pixels or pictures to those messages which advise the organizations that when and where their messages have been opened by the beneficiaries.

On the off chance that you find this pretty much different than let me tell you that this kind of email following or email tracking is extremely normal practice embraced by numerous organizations. Be that as it may, so as to distinguish these following messages, now you have a straightforward however powerful tools. This is what it would appear that.

Installing Ugly Email is simple.

To begin with, you’ll have to ensure you’re utilizing Google Chrome as your web program, which you can download for nothing here.



Dubbed UGLY Email, another Chrome extension alerts you as an email you get in your Gmail inbox may track you, and it even works before opening the email.

Installing Ugly Email is extremely basic and simple. When you will installed it, you will see a small eye image by any email that incorporate following pixels from one of the three organizations. This is what it looks.

How to INSTALL UGLY Emails

  1. In request to install Ugly Email administration, you simply need to:
  2. Go to Ugly Email on the Chrome Web Store
  3. Click the “Add to Chrome” catch, and you’re good to go!

Presently, you can take it easy on the grounds that Ugly Email will guaranteed you that which messages touching base in your Gmail  inbox are following you.


Though, there are a few confinements with Ugly Email as of now. Firstly, Ugly Email is as of now worked for Gmail just, so outlookers can’t get point of interest of the administration.

Besides, Ugly Email works just on Google’s Chrome program, so you have to ensure that you’re utilizing Google Chrome as your web program while utilizing the administration.

In conclusion, Ugly Email Address is right now successful against just three pixel-following suppliers, in spite of the fact that it will keep on adding all the more following administrations to its rundown. Right now, it isn’t clear to what extent that may take.

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