How to use BlackBerry Messenger with Android & iPhone

Blackberry Messenger is one of the fundamental reasons why folk pick Blackberry phones to have. To grow the quantity of individuals utilizing Blackberry Messenger (or BBM), Blackberry made the application accessible for iOS iPhone clients. Presently, BBM has additionally ended up accessible for Android cell phones, as well. BlackBerry is expecting such kind of demand for its free application which there is a near wait list for it.


BBM Messenger for Android

Look down to step 1 to figure out that it is so natural to utilize Blackberry Messenger for Android.

1: Download and install Black Berry messenger from Google Play. Once you have completed the installation process, click on the Black Berry Messenger icon on your cell phone’s application screen to open it.

2: Now, Login into Blackberry Messenger. In the event that you have effectively utilized Black Berry Messenger some time recently, then you can sign in utilizing the same record you utilized then.

  • But if you are not having any register Blackberry ID then first you have to be a registered Blackberry ID. It is a small process to do which is completed within minutes. Click on “Make a Blackberry ID” alternatives to make a account. Basically fill in the required data and you’ll have your ID in a matter of seconds.

3: Invite new people. Blackberry detachment will demonstrate some of your email contacts who don’t have a BBM account. On the off chance that you welcome them, the application will inquire as to whether you might want to send welcomes through instant messages.


  • You can send welcomes or simply select to proceed and do this later on.

4: Next click on the “Continue.” You will now get to the Black Berry Messenger application home screen.

  1. Click on three vertical dots at the right corner of the screens’ bottom.This would show up a menu to the right hand side. Click on Invite to Black Berry Messenger to have an added alternative which isn’t there on the iOS app: NFC.

6: Now you are ready to start chatting. Choose any individual from your contact rundown and click on their name to begin chatting.

7: Update your Black Berry Messenger status. Click on the standard banner on top of the screen to start your profile. Here, you may post what is at the forefront of your thoughts, change your status from “Accessible” to “Occupied”, change your presentation picture and share your BBM Pin.

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